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Control What You Can Control During Coronavirus

It’s really hard when you have a situation which you feel is out of your control.

Will you or a family member get sick? Will your job be safe? Will the world go bonkers?

All perfectly reasonable thoughts.

You’re stuck on your phone reading page on page of how worse things are getting overseas, how the economy will tank.All things completely out of your control that build up that horrible feeling in your stomach, that stresses you the F out and lift anxiety through the roof!However... there are things you CAN control to reduce those feelings.This weekend why not try some or all of my suggestions below & check in with yourself, if you feel better on Sunday night.

  1. Control Your Environment Turn off/take away ALL access to ALL forms of media, including social media. This will instantly present an environment in front of you that YOU can control.

  2. Go Out into Nature. Everything feels SO different. Take a walk, jog or go sit at the top of a hill and just look. Nature isn't freaking out over anything. Feel its peace.

  3. Help Someone. No matter what it is... find someone young or old that needs help or assistance due to the current situation. Might be getting some supplies for them or just a chat. Show someone you give a shit.If you don't try them all... make sure you definitely do point 1.

Control what you can Control.