New Packages!!

For those looking to be SET UP on an individualised exercise program with nutritional advice and then...GO! (No on-going assistance from me.)

2 Package Options:

Fat Loss (4x30min)


Strength (4x60min)

How does it work?

We do an assessment together.

You will get an individualized 6 week exercise program. I then take you through in detail over four 30 minute or four 60 minutes one on one personal training sessions.

In those sessions I’ll show exactly how do each exercise correctly to avoid injury and get the best out of each exercise and your program as a whole.

I also push you to a level that you NEED to be exercising at to get an ACTUAL RESULT rather than motivating yourself to reach a comfortable level for 6 months but having no positive results to show for it!

Along with the program you will also receive nutritional advice based on your current lifestyle and the goals YOU WILL achieve.

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